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Take the opportunity to discover such a special and preserved site in the Montagne Noire during your visit of the Cathar country.


Welcome to Cabrespine! A unique , spectacular site and natural stopover for all the familly. Explore this huge crystal geode whose inscription on UNESCO's World Heritage List is under way.


You are here on front of a unique subterranean immensity. Above your heads, thousands of formations decorate stunning beautiful roof.


The presence of this lake is a sure sign of the fact that this cave is still alive. It demonstrates the exceptionnal state of preservation of this site benefiting frommodern installations created to enjoy sustainable.


Allow yourself to daydream, and you'll come across forms equally strange unexpected, from our collective imagination.


here, everything is only delicacy, harmony and beauty! Thousand of formations offer you a unique natural spectacle.


Above your heads, calcite discs that are very rare formations to be found here in abundance.


Harmony of colours and shapes!The Red Chamber is also known as the"Crystal Chamber". Very few caves offer such a beautiful spectacle.


Look, Daddy, the walls are covered with ice! A great number of aragonite crystal cover this chamber like thousand of diamonds.


You enter the largest fitted chamber of the underground world. Tall monuments such as the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe or Notre Dame de Paris could be housed here.






1 : What is the minimum age to visit the cave?

There is no minimum age as young and old will appreciate this immense natural cathedral! Gouffre Géant de Cabrespine is perfectly laid out and safe. It is possible to use a pushchair for young chidren since the terrain inside the cave is mostly (80%) flat.

2 : Are pets allowed inside the cave?

Yes, dogs and other pets are welcome.

3 : Is specific clothing required?

No, the cave temperature is 14° throughout the year. Then the cave is cool even on a warm day. A sweater or light jacket may be suitable. All types of shoes can be worn for your cave tour.

4 : Can I take a pushchair in the cave?

As the cave is especially equipped for visitors with reduced mobility, it is also accessible to pushchairs since 80% of the terrain is flat.

5 : Is the tour accessible to disabled visitors?

The visitor centre and the cave are accessible to everybody. The cave is especially equipped for visitors with reduced mobility. The site has been awarded the ‘Tourisme et Handicap’ label.

6 : How long does the tour last?

The cave tour lasts 45 minutes.